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 How is the organisation funded?

The organisation is run with voluntary contributions, both financial
and in kind, from individuals who have been served personally through its courses and activities. As an aspect of their life of service, students of the Brahma Kumaris contribute regularly in support of the work, in accordance with their means. This is done without overview by the organisation. The organisation neither solicits nor accepts funds from others for activities that relate to the internal running of the organisation and there is no membership fee.
Funds from well-wishers,national or international agencies are sometimes received for humanitarian and environmental initiatives,such as solar energy projects, health and education projects that are designed to benefit the community as a whole.
Do I need to take any precautions before learning meditation?
If you are suffering from a mental illness it is advisable to ask your doctor's opinion before learning to meditate. It is also important that you do not discontinue any medication without first consulting your doctor.
Can anyone participate in the courses and programmes?
Yes, all are welcome to participate in any activity of their choice. Informal open-house meetings and visits provide an opportunity for individuals to learn more about the organisation even before deciding to participate in any of the courses or activities at local centres.
Are children allowed to participate?
YesYoung adults under the age of majority(18 years) require written permission from a parent/guardian prior to joining in activities,unless accompanied by the parent/guardian. Minors under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent/guardian. In cases where children’s retreats are organised, parents are required to sign separate documents enabling retreat teachers and facilitators to act in loco parentis. All Brahma Kumaris’ centres carry child-protection policies, in accordance with the laws of the country.
Do Brahma Kumaris centres offer counselling?
The organisation does not offer counselling at any of its centres. It provides a wide range of courses in spiritual knowledge.Individuals are free to choose which course they are interested in and pursue it to whatever extent they feel comfortable with. 
What are the main principles in the Brahma Kumaris way of life?
There are four main principles: Study – The daily study of spiritual knowledge provides nourishment to create a healthy and stable mind. Meditate - The practice of soul-consciousness creates inner strength to overcome negative self-beliefs. Connecting to God in a personal relationship removes blind faith and instils a deep sense of trust. The relationship charges the battery of the soul and fills it with love, peace and power. Practise - To live a life dedicated to improving one’s character by imbibing universal truths and higher motivations in thoughts, words and actions. Serve - To share with others on the basis of one’s own life experiences.
Are there any recommended observances in the Brahma Kumaris way of life?
Aspiring to complete self-realisation does involve observing certain lifestyle disciplines. These are recommended and not imposed (although centres ask students to observe the disciplines on their premises). The fundamental belief is that every human being has an intrinsic spiritual nature and qualities but to uncover these qualities is a journey. The pace at which that journey takes place is individual to each one. Spiritual study and practice underpin the endeavour, and it is the responsibility of each student to discern and choose what works best for him or her. The basic lifestyle choices encouraged are:
Satwic(pure) Diet: As well as being good for physical health, a vegetarian diet, avoidance of alcohol, drugs (non-prescribed) and tobacco, helps develop the clarity, concentration and subtle focus which spiritual development requires.
Celibacy:Because of the current parlous state of the world, recreating a loving relationship with God and oneself in a whole-hearted way is seen as a priority. This is helped through abstinence from sexual intercourse, which whilst capable of being an expression of love at the human level, generally pulls our consciousness firmly into the material domain. Celibacy helps to cleanse our subtle faculties of thoughts, feelings, intentions, motives, desires, words, perceptions and relationships – enabling us to give and receive lasting, spiritual love..





































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